Black Hole

Volume 04
Release year: 1997
Writing: Charles Burns
Art: Charles Burns
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror
Total volumes: 12
Rating: 23
This is exceptional. Anyone can experience it and feel satisfied.
Flow: 5
The comic exemplifies comics. Page-for-page, nothing is wasted to deliver the visual narrative experience it means to.
Writing: 4
The writing quality is above average. The comic at time of release introduces some novel and/or well-crafted story elements.
Art: 5
The visual elements work in unison to seamlessly deliver a captivating and iconic experience.
Fresh: 5
The comic exemplifies reinterpretation/innovation on the genre(s) it delivers. It will/has influenced others, while continuing to be fresh.
Feel: 4
By the time the comic is over, one feels better than they felt when they started reading.