Dark Souls

Developer: FromSoftware
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Action | Adventure | Dark Fantasy | RPG
Platform: PC
Rating: 21
This is great. Even people with varied interests can agree it’s worthwhile.
Look: 4
More often than not, the game’s visuals compliment the game’s purpose and are well-integrated with its gameplay.
Sound: 4
The game audio’s production quality is above average for the time it was released. Positive moments outnumber negative ones.
GUI: 3
The game’s GUI quality is standard for the time it was released. While some game information and/or options are communicated well, other related content could be clearer.
Think: 5
The game offers a wealth of mental stimulation, masterfully catering to the player’s creative, strategic, and/or narrative interests.
Feel: 5
This game reliably offers a substantial emotional experience, delivering moments of excitement, joy, and/or introspection.